About Us

Angel Petro, Owner/Trainer

I started my quest to understand and help dogs and people over 30 years ago when I realized how many dogs ended up in shelters and rescue groups as a result of unwanted behaviors. I began working with these organizations to be proactive in dealing with behaviors as they developed and to offer owners outlets to learn new ways to teach wanted behaviors. I enrolled myself and my furkids in a variety of different training classes, and I became a student at the Animal Behavior Institute to better understand how animals learn. All of those years of hands on experience, mentorship programs, therapy dog training, service dog work and animal rescue work have shaped my training skills and style to offer positive and flexible training tools to my clients. 

I have completed course work with The Dog Gurus, am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Evaluator, member of APDT and have been certified with 

West Michigan Therapy Dogs and Therapy Dogs Inc.