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I value the relationship between dog and owner. We use creative techniques to help you manage and understand your canine family.

Different Dogs, Different Needs, Different Programs

Every one of us is different and so are our furry companions. As the Dog Learns strives to work with each situation, each personality and each need to create training and modification experiences that work for each individual. What works for me, might not work for you- but together we will find the best solutions to give you the best results. 

At the end of the day, we want happy, balanced, safe furkids and people!

Puppy Petiquette Parties

Adult Private In Home Training

Topic Specific Workshops

Puppy Parties

Saturday 2/8/20

Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare

10am-11am- 12 weeks-16 weeks. 

11am-12pm- 17 weeks- 24 weeks. 

Saturday 2/22/20

Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare

10am-11am - 12 weeks -16 weeks

11am-12pm- 17 weeks - 24 weeks

Saturday March 7, 2020

Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare

10am-11am- 12 weeks- 16 weeks

11am-12pm- 12 weeks- 16 weeks

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